2016 Results

  • Kingswood Classic 2016 Results:

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Kingswood Classic, 58 golfers took to the Sussex Golf course to “Play with a Purpose” of raising funds for financial aid and scholarships for Kingswood students.

Golfers were greeted at Hole #4 by celebrity guest for the day Bryan Trottier, six-time Stanley Cup champion. Bryan later shared at the Kingswood Classic Awards Banquet following the round of golf.

In honour of the 20th anniversary, several golfers were recognized for participating for 10 years or more in the Kingswood Classic, including alumnus Peter Beckwith, who has golfed 18 of the 20 golf tournaments.

Other special guests included Doug Nelson, a registered PGA Golf Pro from Halifax, Nova Scotia where golfers were challenged to “beat the pro” on hole #6.

Individual Achievement (team):

  • Longest Drive on Hole # 12 – AJ Guptill (Kings Church)
  • Closest to Pin on Hole # 4 – Bob Wood (Fredericton)

Bob Wood

  • Closest to Line on Hole # 1 – Jamie LeRoy (Excel)
  • Closest to Hole on Putting Green – Brent Dongell (Harvest House) & Pete McMath (Kings Church)

Brent Dongell and Pete McMath

The top three fundraising teams earned naming rights to scholarships awarded to Kingswood students in the fall semester.

1. The Brown’s Flat Community Scholarship valued at $3,000 – Brown’s Flat team of Anne & Jim MacNeill, and Mike & Jennifer Veres, raising a total of $2,924

Browns Flat Community Scholarship

2. The Wayne “Chappy” Cook Honorary Golf Scholarship valued at $2,000 is named by the Grand Manan team of Casey Benson, Dwayne Green, Michael Park, and Adam Parker. Funds Raised: $2,400
Grand Manan
3. Naming Rights for the third Golf Scholarship valued at $1,000 is awarded to the Brown’s Flat Fellowship II team composed of Terry Hurd, Walter Long, Gordon Maxwell, and Ken McGeorge, raising a total of $1,880

Browns Flat Fellowship II

Top Individual Fundraisers:

  • Anne MacNeill, raising $2,455

Anne MacNeill

  • Michael Park, raising $1,500

Michael Park

  • Tony Benson, raising $1,295

Tony and Debbie Benson

Best Team Scores:

1st Place: City Auto: Mark Muscroft, John Muscroft, Adam Sherwood, Mike Swift – 63

City Auto

2nd Place: Kings Church: A. J. Guptill, Rod Guptill, Pete McMath, Drew Wallace – 64

Kings Church

3rd Place: Grand Manan: Casey Benson, Dwayne Green, Michael Park, Adam Parker – 65

Grand Manan

Over $40,000 was raised through corporate sponsorships and individual golfers. Thank you to all who participated, making this a very successful Kingswood Classic.